June Beauty Buys


Here are my top five beauty buys this month!

Prada Candy Ever since my boyfriend bought me the Prada Candy fragrance, I’ve been obsessed.  It’s a sweet scent that is perfect for summer.  I also have it in a roll-on,which is perfect for traveling and throwing it in my purse for my on-the-go days.  I’m just about out so this was on the top of my beauty buys list this month.

Urban Decay Lipstick Revolution  This is my all time favorite lipstick. I’ve tried many different lipstick brands and this is the one that stays on all day and never spreads.  Most of the colors I have are all dark but for summer I wanted to grab a few lighter colors.  Native (shown above) is now one of my favorites.

Marc Jacobs  Ever since Marc Jacobs came out with a makeup line, I immediately wanted to try it.  One of my favorite things from the line is the nail polish.  I’m obsessed with all the colors, especially this color, Lux.

It’s a 10 I seriously do not know what I would do without this beauty product.  Not only do I use it every time I wash my hair, but it is also great for your hair after a long day in the pool.  I usually spray it in my hair after towel drying and letting it air dry to get soft wavy locks.

Burt’s Bees  I wear lipstick a lot so I try to give my lips a break once and a while.  This is my favorite tinted lip balm out there.  It has a slight colored tint so you won’t feel like your lips are bare.  Plus the Vitamin E and Beeswax is great for moisturizing your lips.

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