Summer Wedding Style

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With tons of friends having and going to weddings this summer, I thought it would be a great idea to share some summer wedding style tips, not only you but also your date!


1. Alice and Olivia 2. BB Dakota  3. Alice and Olivia

When dressing for a summer wedding it is important to look good and feel good. All three of the dresses above are great for a summer wedding.   Here are a few rules I follow when getting ready for a wedding:

Comfort.  While looking nice you want to be comfortable.  You don’t want to be constantly pulling your dress down from riding up on the dance floor.  Wearing a dress that hits at or close to the knee is key.

Colors. Since it is summer you should avoid wearing dark colors.  My favorite colors to wear for summer are bright yellows, light blues, and pastels. Also, complimenting your dates outfit is a great idea, just stay away from being too matchy. This may be an “old-fashion” rule but I would avoid wearing white.  Having some white in your dress is perfectly fine, but stay away from wearing an all white dress.  You don’t want to take the attention away from the bride.

Crop Tops & Cut Outs.  Fashion “rules” are constantly changing. A few years ago, crop tops were considered the furthest thing from fashionable, but now look!  Crop tops have evolved to be much more fashion forward.  This may take some by surprise, but I think if worn correctly and appropriately, crop tops and cut outs are ok for a wedding.  But when trying these trends, you must remember this: 1. Do not show too much skin.  2. Make sure the dress fits correctly in the right places. If you are wearing a crop top, make sure only about one inch of your skin is actually showing.  For cut outs, make sure the cut outs are placed in appropriate places without showing too much skin.  Also, before trying out one of these trends at a wedding, remember who the bride and groom are.  If you think they would think it is inappropriate, out of respect stay away from the trend!

My last and most important rule for women and men is try not to up-stage the bride and groom.  After all it is their day and you do not want to take the attention off of them.  You can dress trendy and fashion forward without going over the top.  Seer Sucker is a huge summer wedding pattern people like to wear,  instead of dressing head to toe in seer sucker try just wearing a seer sucker shirt or suit jacket.

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