Styled: One Dress, Two Ways

2014-08-10_20-57-43Just last week, I stumbled upon Cella’s Boutique on Magazine Street.  I was searching for a dress to wear for my five year anniversary celebration with my boyfriend. Being on a time limit, I was running all around looking for the perfect dress.  At first I was planning on wearing a classic black fitted dress, but decided to change things up since it seems like I live in dark clothing.  Walking into Cella’s I immediately grabbed this highlighter yellow dress.  After trying it on, I knew this was the dress I wanted to wear that night. That night we ended up going to an amazing restaurant, Herb Saint, and had drinks afterwards at a small intimate bar.  My boyfriend complimented me many times on the dress, which made me think of the next time I would wear it.  While playing around in my closet the next day I started mixing accessories and layering tops over the dress to create different looks.


Dress: Cella’s Boutique, Drapped Kimono:  Moon Collection, Shoes: Zara, Belt & Necklace: Urban Outfitters 

Belting a dress gives shape and a completed look. Also, this beige draped kimono with beaded detailing was perfect to wear over the dress.  The nude leather Zara shoes that I am wearing also go perfectly with the dress without clashing.



Dress: Cella’s Boutique, Shirt: H&M, Denim Vest: Gap, Necklace: Monogramed, Sunglasses: Alexander Mcqueen, Shoes: Steve Madden

Layering different tops over a dress creates a completely different look.  The t-shirt and denim vest creates a less dressy, relaxed look.


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