Back To School


1. Tchoup Industries Backback Simplicity at it’s best.  Loving this backpack and will be buying asap!

2. 3.1 Phillip Lim for Nars Polish Obsessed with all of the colors in this collection, especially this jewel green, “Shutter.”

3. Marc By Marc Jacobs Leather Band Watch Loving the color combination on this rose gold and nude watch.

4. The Elizabeth Chronicles iPhone Case The Elizabeth Chronicles came out with these catchy fashionable phone cases.

5. Marc By Marc Jacobs Computer Case I’m constantly lugging around my laptop with me.  I finally bought a case to keep it safe.

6. Warby Parker Glasses Most of the time i wear contacts, but lately I’ve been trying to wear my glasses more to give my eyes a break.  I love Warby Parker’s frames.

7. Anthropologie Back Up Battery I hate carrying a bulky charger in my clutches, so this small back up battery would be perfect.  Just charge it at home, and carry it with you.

8. Yeaux Leaux Tumbler How fun is this tumbler? Love the spelling!

9. 17 Month Agenda by Kate Spade I carry an agenda in my tote with me at all times.  This 17 month agenda is large enough to fit all your plannings, ideas, and much more.

10. Mini M.A.C by Rebecca Minkoff I’ve always been a fan of Minkoff’s Mini M.A.C bags.

11. Adidas by Stella McCartney Obsessed over these Adidas by Stella McCartney.  I love the color combination and the highlighter yellow leopard print.

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