October Top Beauty Buys


New month, new beauty buys.  

1. CK One Color I bought this lipstick about a week and a half ago, and I’m so glad I did. My lipstick collection consists mostly of ruby reds, soI decided to step out of the box and purchase a soft pink/nude color (Fancy.) Long lasting? Yes! Before applying any lipstick, I gently exfoliate my lips then line and fill them with lipliner. Stays on for hours.

2. O.P.I  You buy nail polish. Use it. Forget about it. Try to use it a month later and it becomes so clumpy to the point where it is impossible to use? Tired of this constantly happening to me, I started purchasing the smaller bottles of polish.  Instead of one color for $10, if you buy a pack like the OPI Nordic collection, you get four smaller bottles for about the same price.  I’m loving the array of colors in this pack.

3. NYX NYX Pore minimizes pores and gives a smooth look to your skin.  I apply this before applying my concealer.  I suffer with small scars on my face from when I had acne as a teenager.  This is my miracle product that covers and fills the small scars.

4. Batiste I try to carry around a travel sized dry shampoo with me wherever I go. With a few sprays the dry shampoo also gives plenty of volume to your hair. Batiste carries an assortment of dry shampoos that all smell amazing.

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