From Nola to New York


From Nola to New York.

 Flash back to Tuesday afternoon…while having lunch with a friend, I received some surprising yet astounding news.  I was presented the opportunity to travel to New York friday morning to see a press screening of The Theory of Everything, then interview the actors Saturday afternoon at the press junket.  With little hesitation, I took it.  I’ve learned that chances like these only come once in a while, and you have to grab them while you can. I can not wait to share my 24 hour adventure with you all.

Third times a charm, see you soon New York.   

After an absolutely exciting, yet crazy weekend, I am back home from New York. Flying and traveling alone, attending a press junket, interviewing actors face to face…I’ve experienced so many firsts this trip.  I’ve never felt more confident and inspired in my life.  Arriving in New York friday, I was bursting from the seems with excitement. While still in much disbelief that I was in New York City alone, I gazed out my cab window trying to take it all in. I constantly had a feeling that I was going to abruptly wakeup in my bed and this all have been a long dream, thankfully it was not.

Once arriving to the Waldorf Astoria, I immediately checked in so I could begin my adventure.  After dropping my bags off in my room and reapplying my red lipstick, I headed to 5th Avenue to take in the beauty of New York. Stomach rumbling, I found myself at The National.  Sipping wine in a corner booth by myself listening to Ben Kweller, I began to really take in the moment.

Later that night after the press screening… I found myself infatuated with the unconditional love story in The Theory of Everything.  The movie portrayed many different love stories of not only relationships, but also the forever loving of ones own words and beliefs.

Waking up the next day, I relaxed in bed preparing myself for the big day. I could not help but get distracted thinking about my entire trip.  Thinking how scared I was to fly by myself (I still think flying is totally unnatural) worrying about getting lost around the city, and  praying that I would not run out of money before I got to shop at my favorite stores (horrible, I know.)  I suddenly realized all of those obstacles are pretty minuscule compared to the reason why I was there.  I don’t think I could ever have forgiven myself for letting one of those silly reasons get in my way to come to New York for this interview.

On my way to the interview I called my dad for some support since I was a bit nervous about getting home.  While talking to him on the phone, he had me laughing because he kept saying how he thought it was hilarious that the main thing I was so nervous about was catching a cab tot he airport.  “Ashley, you’re over there about to interview movie stars and you’re telling me your not nervous. But you are nervous about catching a cab on time?” He was right though. I was not nervous about the interview, I felt comfortable and excited meeting the actors and speaking with them was no problem.

All of a sudden, it was time to get ready for the press interview.  Feeling confident and walking into the room where the press junket was held, I sat there along with a few other reporters with my prepared questions and press packet waiting.  As Redmayne, Jones, Marsh and McCarten ran in the room with joy as if they were football players playing their season opener, I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.


From Left to Right. I doubt that I have ever taken so many “selfies” in my life. Friday 1:30 pm. After jumping out of my cab filled with full blown excitement, I checked in my room, dropped my bag, put on a red lip and headed out to 5th Avenue.  Friday 6:30 pm.  Ready for the press screening of The Theory of Everything.  Saturday 10:00 am.  All packed up and checked out. Right before the press junket.


From Left to Right. Hotel room at the Waldorf Astoria.  Only at the Waldorf would they have Salvatore Ferragamo soaps. Bar at The National by Geoffrey ZakarianSmall plates. Cinnamon BBQ ribs, Cheese Board, & Wölffer Cabernet Sauvignon. Press Packet & Waiting for Felicity Jones, Eddie Redmayne, James Marsh, & Anthony McCartenAirport BloggingLast New York meal, Turkey club & Chateau de Bonhoste, Bordeaux

Until next time New York. 

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