Graduation Thoughts

While shooting yesterday’s post, For the Girl Who Doesn’t Like Sequins, my parents surprised me with a big brown box. And in the big brown box was a pair of little black shoes with red bottoms. Completely shocked I thanked them a billion times.  Thats when my dad said, “I wanted to get you these shoes so that on2014-12-15_23-46-19e day you will look at them and remember graduation and this moment.”

Yes, today I am graduating.

I hope when ya’ll read my blog you understand that style is not about how expensive things are. And although brand named things are usually nice, that does not mean they are necessary.  But like my dad said, these particular shoes act as a moment.  Years from now I will look at these and think of graduating.  A tangible piece of success that will remind me to keep on going even when it gets rough because one day I will make it through.

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