Holiday Wear


Shirt and Skirt: Express, Coat: Vintage, Shoes: Steve Madden, Head piece: BCBG, Clutch: Rorin, Bracelet: Urban Outfitters

My go to outfit always consists of black and white.  The color combination is sleek and sophisticated without being overly trendy.  If your having one of those moments when you are gazing into your closet freaking out because “you don’t have anything to wear” this is a go to look.  Pair a boxy crop top with a flared skater skirt, and voila! There it is.  Throw on some sparkly shoes and you have an easy and festive holiday look. This coat was my moms when she was younger, although it may be a bit Cruella De Vil it adds a punch of uniqueness to a somewhat simple outfit.




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One thought on “Holiday Wear”

  1. I love black and white. It’s such a great combo to build around with accessories. Also, I actually love your cruella de vil coat haha

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