Currently Obsessing: Fall Booties


With the craze of Christmas winding down, Neaux La Gal is back.  Last week I took a bit of a risk by not posting.  Simply, I wanted to focus on being in the moment. I feel like it is incredibly easy to fall into the craziness of what comes along with Christmas, but not necessarily the meaning of Christmas. This year being the first Christmas I have not worked retail in five years, I really wanted to take a step back and prioritize on being in the moment with my family and friends.

With all of this said, I am beyond thrilled to be back! The last few days I have been obsessed with booties.  This may have a little to do with what my boyfriend surprised me with for christmas, a trip for us two in Chicago.  Living in New Orleans I have little winter gear.  But thankfully there has been tons and tons AND tons of winter sales going on everywhere.

Here are a few that have caught my eye. Which are you favs?

1. Bugiano Bootie (now 50% off!)

2. Sigiletto Bootie  (now 50% off)

3. Who’s Next Leather Bootie

4. Ellie Bootie

5. Sizzzlee Bootie

6. Sienna Braided Buckle Bootie 

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