New Year Thoughts & Goals


New Years Eve means many different things to many different people.  Whether it is about drinking tons of champagne while looking for that one person to kiss at midnight or it’s simply about starting over new, New Years Eve brings along great expectations.  The whole “New Year Resolutions” feels a bit bittersweet. Being able to focus on an aspect about yourself that you want to better is a great ability, but picking out tons of problems that need “fixing” doesn’t sound too healthy. I understand the gist of what a New Year Resolution is, but they usually end up being crazy impossible expectations we make for ourselves that end up in failure.  I’m a big believer in imperfections making us who we are.  Instead of focusing on what I need to fix about myself, I plan on setting goals that will help me better myself to be the person I want to be in the future.

 Keeping plans: I have the tendency to bail last minute on going places.  I use the phrase “We should hang out” way too much.  I want to start sticking to what I say. No one wants to be that person that you make plans with knowing that it will never actually happen.

Drinking more water: Although I don’t think this needs much of an explanation, here it goes.  I simply don’t drink enough water. Sometimes it will be 3 pm and I will realize all I had that day was coffee. Yikes, I know.

Taking advantage of the little things: Waking up in bed and having a cup of coffee while checking out my favorite blog sites. Going to visit my grandparents more. Spending more time outside. Being nice.

Writing Thank You notes: I just think there is something sweet about it.  A handwritten note with a quirky message and thank you can brighten anyones days.

And remember when it comes to goal setting, we are not robots.  Live your life the way you want. If you mess up, then oh well pick back up.  It’s our faults and struggles that we go through in life that make us all stronger!

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2 thoughts on “New Year Thoughts & Goals”

  1. It’s funny, many of your goals are mine too! Like drinking more water (being healthier in general actually) and writing thank you notes as well as taking advantage of and cherishing those little things like waking up a little earlier just so I can enjoy my morning and not be rushing around like a maniac trying not to be late. We really do take our bodies and lives for granted sometimes and don’t even realize that we need to stop and smell the roses a little every day.

    1. It is so funny that you said that you’d like to wake up early not to rush. I have a bad habit of waking up just before I have to go somewhere so I am constantly rushing! It is nice knowing some people feel the same way! Happy New Year Meg!

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