How To: Get The Perfect Red Lip

There is nothing better than a good red lip.  You could be wearing a simple outfit, but add a red lip and BAM!

Here are my tips for the perfect long lasting red lip: 

1. Before application, apply lip balm and gently exfoliate lips.

2. Dab lip primer (or concealer) on lips.

3. Apply Lipliner: Define the shape of your lips by making an “x”  at the Cupid’s bow.  Then connect the corners, so your lips are completely lined.  Fill in your lips with the lipliner.

4. Carefully apply lipstick. I recommend applying with a lip brush.

5. Dap lips with tissue paper.  This step is important because it will help the lipstick stay on longer.

6. Repeat steps 4 & 5. (For even longer wear, I will apply a very light coat of Lime Crime’s Red Velvet. Do this step and your lipstick will stay on all night, even after a few kisses.) Lightly brush a translucent mineral powder over lips and done!

My go to reds? Kat Von D’s Hexagram, Urban Decay’s Lipstick Revolution F-Bomb and Lime Crime’s Red Velvet
What are yours? 

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