Currently Obsessing…Sneaker Love

(Left to Right: Blogger Sincerely Jules,Stylist & DVF Style Ambassador Brittany Hampton, Street Style )

Trend Watch: First came the espadrille, then the classic slip on, now sneakers.
From the streets of Paris Fashion Week to style bloggers roaming the streets of New York, sneakers are the new go-to shoe. Never before did I think that I would be see women dressed in head to toe couture..while wearing sneakers. This statement has nothing to do with women wearing sneakers, but more to do with the fact that I’ve simply never been a fan of sneakers. I sadly do not have an athletic bone in my body, so unless I was at the gym working out I never wore sneakers. Plus, due to my height I have always been a high-heel type, being 5’1 a few added inches are appreciated.

Flats? Yes. Slip-ons? Sure. Sneakers? Maybe not. Until now that is…

Confession: I have fallen in love with the sneaker concept. I’m Into the unexpected aspect of wearing sneakers with dresses and skirts. Instantly overwhelmed with a “cool girl” sort of vibe. After looking for the perfect athletic yet not too athletic sneaker (because that makes a lot of sense right?) I have found exactly what I was searching for. I purchased these on Saturday and literally have not taken them off since. Stay tuned for some style posts featuring these dreamy sneaks.


Looking for the perfect sneakers? Check these out. 
Superga Classic

 Nike Blazer 

Vans Lo Pro

 Puma X Solange Classic Sneakers

Adidas Lotus

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