Spring Cleaning: Closet Organization

Don’t know where to start when it comes to spring cleaning? We are here to help.

With the first day of Spring right around the corner, that can only mean one thing…Spring Cleaning. When it comes to organizing, I’d like to consider myself a pro. Not only do I find myself surprisingly good at it, but I also enjoy it and especially when it comes to closet organization.  Here are a few tips and guidelines I like to follow to keep my closet organized to a T.

To Keep Or Not To Keep….That is the question.
First things first. Before organizing decide what clothing you can’t live without and the clothing your itching to throw out. Best advice? Ask yourself a few simple questions.


Simple BUT after asking yourself these little questions will not only be able help you get rid of pieces you never wear, but you will also figure out what your style is. It may take a while but try on your clothes, touch the material to see how many wears you have left and when in doubt ask a trusted friend!  Whatever you a decide to get rid of, Donate it! Whether you donate to someone you know or to a Goodwill or The Salvation Army, donating is the way to go. I usually clean my closet out about three times throughout the year and donate my used clothing to the nearest Goodwill.

Invest in storage containers and draw dividers that will help you organize your clothing and accessories. Another investment? Hangers! It is amazing how different your closet will appear when you have all of the same hangers.

Now That You Know What You Are Keeping…Organize It!
First, I start with “type.”
Tank Tops &  Sleeveless shirts, short sleeve, quarter length sleeve, long sleeve and cardigans. Remember, we are Spring Cleaning so store your coats, heavy sweaters and any other wintery type of clothing. I store all of my scarves, coats and sweaters in long under the bed containers.

Next, Color.
After organizing by type, it is time for color. Starting from white fading to blush ending in navy fading to black, color organize your tank tops first, then sleeveless shirts and so on. You will now be able to find things more quickly!

Do What Is Best For You.
Make the clothing you wear most often, the easiest to access. Depending on how large your closet it, have your favorite pieces easiest to get to.

Lastly, Display!
Display your favorite items! Everyone has that can’t-live-without style item that gives them a ton of confidence. So why not display it? I have a sectioned off clothing rack where I display my new additions and favorite oldies.

What are some of your tips to organizing your closet?

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