April Beauty Buys

Jemma Kidd’s Make-up Secrets

Growing up I was never that little girl gawking at herself in the mirror playing with makeup. Never being interested in makeup until later in life meant many trial and errors. Knowing that I wasn’t born with the magic touch, I’ve had to self teach myself.  After watching multiple makeup tutorials on YouTube I’d like to say I’m not half bad. Recently I purchased Jemma Kidd’s Makeup Secrets book and it gives multiple tips on the basics of makeup. From smokey eyes to contouring this book has it all.

MAC Hang Up 

Moody, Plum-like & Mysterious. These words come to mind whenever I see this shade of lipstick. It was my first intense dark shade of lipstick I purchased years ago. The other day I while passing MAC I remembered the moody color and purchased it asap.

Clear Elastic Holders 

As you can tell in my recent style post, Easy Festival Style, it’s back to short hair. After a much needed hair cut,I forgot how difficult it can be to simply put my hair in a pony tail. Having an angled “lob” (long bob) all of my hair ties are too large to actually use. I found these tiny clear elastic hair ties that make putting short hair up much much much easier.

Surf Wax 

Hard to find, but certainly worth it. I’ve read reviews about this wax before and I am so happy I finally gave in and purchased it.  This is my go to product for beachy waves.

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