Currently Obsessing…Backpacks


I don’t know if it is the vacation planning or the festival packing, but lately all I’ve been thinking about backpacks. Ever since I started planning a trip to Disney World, I can’t help but picture myself roaming around Cinderella’s Castle wearing a tiny leather backpack (Yes, I am already picturing what I am going to wear…) But from rugged to chic, I can’t decide which I should go for.  Since I’m obsessing over these backpacks and can’t decide which one to go for, I thought I would share these packs with you and let you decide.

1 Tchoup Industries 

2 Suede Fringe Backpack 

3 Raylan Backpack

4 Jerico Backpack 

5 M.A.B Backpack 

6 Downtown Perforated Faux Leather Backpack 

7 Lady Like Backpack 

8 Faux Leather Backpack

9 Cadogan Backpack 

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4 thoughts on “Currently Obsessing…Backpacks”

  1. As the person in our family that goes to Disney world, perhaps, too often, I can definitely chime in on the appropriate accessories. For this past trip I used this Stitch backpack from Hot Topic ( But my basic advice is that you want something fairly large, if you plan to carry a lot of snacks, water, and overall gear. Lord knows Florida weather can be as unpredictable as Louisiana weather, so it’s never a bad idea to have a rain jacket with you. Same goes for regular jackets, sweaters, hoodies, in the event that you end up somewhere chilly, like a restaurant. I also like large backpacks for consolidation. After day one, a backpack of any size can get tiring to deal with. So sharing one with a partner, combining your stuff into one, and trading off throughout the day is a great way to go. As for fashion vs. utility, I always go for utility. I never want that cute backpack I got for the trip to get messed up at some point, or, even worse, lost. There’s a very good chance your backpack is gonna get dirty. So just make sure whichever one you choose, you’re willing to endure a few scuff marks. Finally, my mom’s voice comes out; you want something you’ll notice someone messing with or something that’s not too easy to get into. Yes, even in Disney world, bad things can happen. She would also say to reduce the risk of all your things falling out on rock n roll roller coaster and any other upside down rides, but that’s probably overly cautious. So Wendy would recommend no flaps or drawstrings and all zippers all the time. It is for all of these reasons that I’d recommend a style like #5.

    I hope you appreciate my novel. It’s finals time and I love procrastinating.

    1. Elizabeth, you are totally right and have opened my eyes to the many situations that could occur with my backpack. Not only was your comment extremely informative but also super humorous. Thank you for your recommendation!

      And good luck on finals!!!

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