Bright Yellow & Gladiator Sandals


Dress: Cella’s Boutique, Denim Shirt: H&M, Shoes: Haus 131, Purse: Old Navy, Necklace: EllenL 

You may remember this dress from an older post, but I recently found it in my closet and decided to bring it back to life. Maybe it was the fact that I’ve gotten a bit of a tan from sun bathing outside, but I thought it was time to bring back the bright yellow dress. Lately, I have been trying to re-wear and re-style clothes that I have in my closet. I have a horrible habit of just going out and buying something new whenever I have an event to go to, so now being a bit more cost conscious, I’ve been mixing the old with the new. I’m obsessed with these gladiator sandals. I fell in love as soon as I saw these and they fit perfectly.




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