May Beauty Buys

This months beauty buys surrounds my recent weekend beach trip that I took at the beginning of the month. I only brought a few essential makeup items that kept me not only feeling confident but also kept me from a sunburn.

1. Clinique Even Better 
Normally when Im on the beach I stay away from a ton of makeup, especially foundation. But ever since I found Clinique’s Even Better foundation, I make sure to always put on a light amount before heading out to the beach. The SPF 15 is perfect for being out in the sun. On our second beach day we stayed on the beach for over 5 hours and although my right thigh may have burned a bit, my face was perfectly fine. As I get older sunscreen in my makeup products is becoming much more important than it used to me.

2. Banana Boat Ultra Defense 
Going to the beach, grab the sunscreen. This water resistant and sunscreen is without a doubt one of my favorites.

3. Waterproof Mascara
 I picked up this mascara when I was grabbing some beach necessities at Target. The mascara that I normally use is not waterproof so I wanted to get something that I could wear on the beach or at the pool and not having running down my face.

4. Facial Moisturizer
Normally, the second I put moisturizer on my face becomes oily and begins to break out. It’s really ridiculous! But I think I have finally found my match! I’ve always used Cetaphil’s body moisturizers and face wash but never their facial moisturizer.

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