The feeling of summer is finally here. School is out, Snowball season is here and it. is. hot. I make lists for pretty much everything, from what to pack for mini vacations to long-term goals, there is just something special about writing something down in ink, it instantly becomes permanent. I’ve always been into doing new things, but it seems like I slowly gravitate towards doing the same things I love. So to shake things up a bit this summer I’ve accumulated a mini Summer To-Do List of things to accomplish along with my long time favorites.

1. Eat a Muffuletta from Central Grocery

2. Learn how to make Pignolata  (a Sicilian sweet treat)

3. Plan the ultimate Date Night for my boyfriend and actually surprise him.

4. Go to Bacchanal and order pretty much everything

5. Learn how to make Gumbo from my MawMaw.

6. Do a cleanse without loosing my mind.

7. Bike riding in City Park

8. Find a casual romper that accurately fits me.

9. Swim with Dolphins

10. Paint mini canvas for decoration

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