Nivea Creme 
This tiny 1 oz. can of moisturizing creme, has become a secret beauty weapon of mine. Ever have an impromptu sleep over? Or as the night goes on, find your makeup smudging under your eyes? Well, it happens to the best of us. I make sure this is always in my clutch or purse. It’s moisturizing creme but I also use it as a makeup remover when I don’t have any on me. If I sleep by my boyfriends house and forget my makeup remover, this saves me from looking like a raccoon in the morning.

Tarte Amazonian Clay BB cream
This product actually started off as my sisters, but I’ve been using it so much that she thoughtfully said that I could have it. It’s perfect for those days when you don’t feel like putting much makeup on, but still need a little coverage.  Perfect while your on vacation thanks to the SPF 20 formula.

Nars Highlighter 
Simply perfect for contouring. I have tons of darker colors for contouring but I have a hard time finding highlighters that actually work. This Nars stick is perfect and it is unbelievably easy to apply. The color I own is “Copacabana.”

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