Do Or Don’t: Black Nail Polish


Flash back. Going to middle school we had this thing called,”Dress Down Day.” You paid one dollar and were able to wear whatever you wanted…well I should say that lightly because there were so many rules of what you could wear it almost defeated the purpose… (well thats how I felt at the time.) I can’t remember all of the rules, but I do remember no graphic t-shirts, no shorts, no loud colors, no open toe shoes and no tank tops. Basically middle-school me hated it. Feeling like I was unable to express myself a few girlfriend and I would try our best to bend the rules. For example wearing skirts other jeans.

Hey, we looked ridiculous but it was dress-down-day-rule-approved right? I guess it was our way of questioning what was acceptable in society or at least thats what I like to tell myself today. Yet another way to go against the grain was wearing my old school band t-shirts, black and white high-top converse, skinny jeans and black finger nail polish. 

Years later, I still wear black polish. In my book, black polish is a definite do. Chic and perfect for upcoming fall. Make sure to keep them no longer than the length of your finger tips. And no chipping! Keep them polished. Black polish looks best with neutrals. Stay away from wearing bright prominent colors.


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