My Tips for Beating Procrastination


As you may have realized, I have not been posting much this month. With tons going on in my life I unfortunately allowed my passion to slip through the cracks, but fear no more that is changing this week. And what better way to start anew than to write a piece on everyones life-long frenemy, procrastination.  I’ve always been a last minutes type of person, I just work better under pressure. No lie. In high school I would write a paper a week in advance of it being due and I would get an average grade, but there were many nights where I stayed up until 1 am drinking coffee toiling away at a research paper to find out a week later my up-all-nighter received an A. Now, I must say it is a bit harder and my frenemy, procrastination, has over stayed their welcome. Here are my tips for overcoming procrastination.  

Create your list. Wether it is a To Do List or a To Don’t List, make one. So many times I have made a To-Do List and I would write the things that I really didn’t care about towards the end which would then turn into me just not completing them. How to stop this? Place whatever those “to-dos” you are dreading at the top of your list. For me, grocery shopping is at the top of my list, meaning when I have to go I wake up throw on some workout clothes and get to the grocery.

Take a moment. Take a second to relax, reboot and re-look over your list. If you’re moving a bit slow or are having one of those days where the list just seems to be growing, evaluate what really needs to be done and what can be skipped.

Be accountable. If you tell someone you are going to do something, you are more inclined to actually do it. I know whenever I say that I’m going to workout, I better do it or my dad will jokingly tease me about it all while trying to feed me loaded cheese fries. Although that may sound somewhat cruel, it keeps me motivated, working out, feeling better and later having some guilty free cheese fries.

Most of all, be realistic and don’t be down on yourself if something doesn’t get done.

More blog posts coming your way soon.

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