ONE Yves Saint Laurent   This masculine yet clean scent is ah-mazing. Dillon owns it and gets compliments on it constantly.

TWO Personalized Cigar Cutter  The perfect gift for the gentlemen in your life that loves cigars. The personalization touch makes it more meaningful. Gift tip: Gift with a Cigar & a bottle of Scott or Bourbon.

THREE Michael Kors Wallet This Leather Grey wallet is the perfect gift for the guy in your life that loves fashion, but loves simplicity more.

FOUR iPhone Case Shock proof and classic designed, this iPhone case is a perfect stocking stuffer.

FIVE FitBit For the guy in your life that is a fitness enthusiast. If he is running marathons or just curious on how many steps he takes a day, this sport wristband is a perfect gift.

SIX Whiskey Guide    If the guy in your life likes Whiskey…well this is without a doubt the book for him. With reviews of over a hundred different Whiskeys and cocktail recipes, this book a perfect match for your bar cart or your living room table.

SEVEN You Earn It Bottle Opener  When you or your guy are having “one of those days” this is there perfect bottle opener to have a chuckle at…and drink a  few beers.

EIGHT Watch Box I love the idea of gifting this with a watch. Does your guy have a ton of watches and no where to put them? It’s ok, it happens. This is basically a guy jewelry box. Gift Tip? Gift with a watch inside. It will be a complete surprise.

NINE Essentials Shoe Cleaning Kit   If your guy has to wear a suit and tie everyday to work, or simply likes to keep his kicks clean, this is a perfect first shoe cleaning kit.

TEN ManCrates  Pretty much the Ultimate Gift. I’m not going to lie I could do all my Christmas shopping on this site because it has something for every guy in your life. The perfect gift for dad, your husband or boyfriend, and grandfather. They have a crate for everyone. And the best part? It is actually a crate filled with goodies. How do you open the crate you may be wondering? They give you a crowbar. Yes, that says a crowbar.


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