At the end of last year my boyfriend of 6 years proposed to me. Rewind to now. After tons of non-stop contagious laughs, already a few stressed-out cries, but even more happy tears, we are in full swing of planning our wedding. Wanting to get married this year…to say we have a lot to do is an understatement.  Along with all the planning and parties we will be having, feeling good throughout this incredible time in our lives is important. So when I stumbled upon My Salon Suite, I was instantly obsessed.

The My Salon Suite concept first intrigued me. The concept of one building with 22 different types of separate suites specializing in different beauty treatments pretty much amazed me. A one stop shop at it’s finest. I could literally have a “all day” of beauty by getting a facial in the morning, my hair done in the afternoon and then have my makeup done by a professional all before dinner…and without leaving the same place.


I have suffered with my skin in the past so making sure that my skincare regime is on point is important to me, especially this year. But getting a facial is one of those things that seems to fall through the cracks with me.  With everything going on it is hard enough for me to sit down and get a manicure, so laying down for a facial always seemed unnecessary. But I was wrong.  I was lucky enough to have the most amazing facial done by Kevin, owner of Surface Beauty. My face felt amazing and truly looked flawless the next few days.


To find the nearest Salon Suite to you check them out here. 
To book an appointment with Kevin check out his site.

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