Wedding Planning for the Non-Planners

As promised, I have been refraining from blowing up the site with wedding to-dos and posts.  But since I’ve been doing an absurd amount of wedding planning and prepping, I thought it only would make sense to share what I have learned so far.

Once we became engaged, we wanted to have a moment and take it all in. Deciding we wanted a November wedding this year…that moment certainly was a moment.  The planning had to start pretty quick. Hearing from a few friends that a  wedding planner was necessary and thinking about everything we had to get done, I was convinced we needed a planner. But after discussing all of the pros and cons with Dillon, we decided we did not need one. Dillon, working in sales in the hospitality industry and I, working in the local boutique realm, are lucky enough to have enough time and networking at our fingertips. Not to mention, Dillon works within wedding sales. He actually knew more about local wedding vendors than I did.

Flash forward to now, our date is November 12,2106. Planning has become kind of a special thing for us. Since we both trust each other’s styles and have the same attitude towards the big day, it has been miraculously easy.  With only a few more things to do, I think I finally have enough expertise to share my favorite planning tools and tips.  

My fav spot for wedding inspiration. At first, I was buying wedding magazines (almost by the dozen,) but once I realize they were basically books of advertisements and only had seven to ten pages of real wedding inspiration, I took my search to the web. After searching through a few sites and downloading some apps, I found Borrowed & Blue. Exactly what I was looking for: user-friendly, and REAL wedding inspiration. Not to mention, you can actually search your wedding not only by location, but also by theme and style.  And instead of having a ton of random screen grabs in my photo library, I have them all organized in the app.


The best ways to learn are always through trial and error, right? When we first began planning I was writing everything down in a notebook. That quickly became unorganized and did not work out. When I saw a friend of mine, who is also getting married, brilliantly made a wedding binder. I instantly started making one. When possible I am a pen and paper type of gal, so now I have everything neatly organized  in one binder.
*If you don’t have time to make a binder, you can purchase an already put together wedding binder.**

We didn’t know about this site until after booking our venue. But now that I know about it I would suggest every bride-to-be to check it out. When we first starting looking at venues, I had no idea where to start.  This site would have not only given me an idea of how much specific venues cost, but you can also compare it to other venues.


Your maid of honor’s favorite new website. User friendly, simple, helpful and incredibly awesome.


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One thought on “Wedding Planning for the Non-Planners”

  1. I sure hope ur lovely momma gets her name published in this blog because I certainly know how hard she’s trying to help!

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