Succulents: The Plants for All of Us Without a Green Thumb 

You’ve seen them everywhere… Instagram, weddings, placed on a bookshelf at your favorite bloggers home…you name it. Succulents are admired by many.  And if you are like me (lacking a green thumb to say the least) succulents are the way to go. Easy to take care of, these little beauties are a great way to add a little more greenery into your life.

All of my succulents (besides one …that was on a shelf in our bedroom…poor guy didn’t get enough sunlight!) have survived. Here are a few simple tips to keep yours long living and beautiful! 


Succulents; Diverse plants that have the ability to store water in their leaves and stems. 

Little water, lots of sun.
These little guys are tough. Since they store water within their leaves and stems they need little water, but they thrive in sunlight! You only have to worry about watering your succulents about once a week during spring/summer. (In winter months they can last up to a month without water.) Most importantly, place your succulents outside in bright light! If your succulents are inside you want to make sure they are near a window with lots of natural light. 

As you scroll down Pinterest, you will find multiple pictures of succulents in glass terrariums. Although they look absolutely-adorbs, glass terrariums are not the best potting for your succulents. Plant your succulents in a breathable material planter ( after doing research it seems like a ceramic or terra-cotta planter is best.) Also making sure your pointer has a drainage hole is super important to. 

Soil Using the right soil can prolong your succulents life. I purchased Black Gold Cactus Mix ( about $6 from Ace Hardware.) There are multiple other soil add-ins you can add to your soil, but again I’m lack a true green thumb so simplicity is key for me. 

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