At A Glance


This past Saturday, I spent the day kayaking, boating and sun bathing.  Whenever I go to my family’s camp I realize how easy it is to let go. Let go of all the materialistic things in life and live a “need” not “want” type of life. It I could I would spend everyday there in the summer, I would do it without thinking twice. Read & See More from this post. 


Home from the beach and back to reality.  This past weekend was a huge reminder of what is really important in life. We tend to get caught up in where we are going and all the materialistic things that come along in life, thinking having a good time is all about the things we have around us when actually it’s the people. Read & See More from this post. 


Being from New Orleans, sometimes, without meaning to, you take the city and what is around you for granted. So this sunday, instead of being lazy by the pool, My dad, sister & I decided to go exploring by grabbing some BBQ from a restaurant we had yet to try and spend the rest of the day walking amongst the urban beauty of the Bywater. Read & See More from this post. 


After a few days of running around the freezing cold streets of Chicago, I am back home.  Sit back and enjoy a bit of our wintery vacation without the blizzard storm.  Read & See More from this post. 


Okay, okay so I’ve been a bit MIA the last few days. From running around Southern Design Week to working on some new projects for Neaux La Gal (can’t wait to share with you soon!)  Last week was incredibly busy and exciting. Now I’ll stop the yapping and get to the deets of whats really been going on.  New Orleans Southern Design Week stars southern designers, artists, and vendors.  Read & See More from this post. 

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