Sides, Small Bites & Snacks

I found this recipe on Pinterest and it has without a doubt become one of my favorite side dishes.  Yes, it may take a while but the slow roasting  process allows the cauliflower to absorb all of the seasonings, so basically it is the most delicious cauliflower you will ever eat.

Ah, March means many thing…warmer days, crawfish season, spring cleaning, and artichoke season. If you are an artichoke lover, try this recipe. It is perfect to bring to a party or just to have at home to snack all day on.

“Easy” is an understatement, when it comes to this recipe. If you need a quick and delicious morning snack, this is it. Cinnamon rolls are one of those breakfast foods that I can only indulge in every once and a while. I decided to make these on a whim after being super indecisive on what I wanted to eat (which is a lot of the time).

Easy and Delicious. The perfect snack for Superbowl Sunday or just about any other day. And seriously who doesn’t like pretzel dogs?


October is in full swing, which means everything and anything that is scented or edible now comes in pumpkin. But hey! I’m certainly not complaining. Williams- Sonoma’s Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Quick Bread is now one of my fall favorites. The recipe (which comes on the back of the bag) is quick, easy and delicious. Perfect for an impromptu fall get together.

Hosting when people come over, can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. You’re usually running all over the place, whether it’s cleaning up those last few details or finishing cooking. Here is a quick and delicious guacamole recipe to try next time your hosting a party!


My first memories of enjoying being in the kitchen began when I was younger and would make homemade salsa with my dad. I’d actually jar it in glass Ball Jars then sell them to my family ten dollars a pop, which looking back was a bit expensive! Throughout the years my salsa and guacamole recipes have become a bit more grown-up by adding jalapeńos, charred corn and much more.

With the 4th of July on Friday, I wanted to make one of my all-time favorite sweets, blueberry pie. Now I have done a lot of eating blueberry pie, but not much cooking. Cooking is one of my favorites things to do, but baking not so much. Instead of making one large blueberry pie, I decided to make mini blueberry pies.

After picking up some homegrown cucumbers from the Farmers Market, I immediately knew I wanted to try out pickling. My dad and I came up with this really simple, but amazing recipe.

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